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Insomnia what to do

Everyone knows the meaning of the word.
Simply put, insomnia is having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.
Insomnia among adults is quite common, in occasional cases it may not create major problems.
If it is recurrent, I guarantee that it has a significant impact on life.

How many hours do I need sleep?

There is no guide that says how long we should sleep per night but it is considered and recommended between seven to nine hours per night.
The ideal thing is to have a good quality night, as the time is enough.

What causes insomnia?

It's unclear what causes the insomnia, but there are good suspects.
Certain medications such as antidepressants.
Life style
Physical or mental health conditions.
I could go on but sometimes it is not possible to identify a specific cause.
If we stick to the theme of the website, yes, anxiety undoubtedly causes insomnia and long hours!

What can i do?

There are two approaches, one using habits and the other using medication.
I start with the natural ones:
Set times not only for sleeping but also for waking up.
Take a hot bath before bed.
Listening to relaxing music also helps.
Avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and heavy meals hours before going to bed.
Do not sleep during the day.
Keep the room dark or wear a mask.
In summer a fan to circulate the air is mandatory.
Some people find over-the-counter teas and medication beneficial.
Insomnia what to do
Then we have medication, there are those who resort to anxiolytics such as xanax but those indicated are sleep aids such as stilnox.
If you ask me for my opinion, opt for natural habits, insomnia medication is highly addictive.


A large part of the population knows well what this scourge is. If possible, identifying the cause is great in order to be able to address the cause in the best way.

But most of the time there is no cause which if it is recurring it will harm the day to day.

The above (natural) ideas are good and have their positive effects but it is not a sure thing.

As a last resort, consult your doctor but know that removing the medicine will not be able to help you much.