Coração Ansioso

Frequent Asked Questions

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What is the purpose of the website?

The website was created to educate, provide access and bring together people with generalized anxiety and depression.
The website does not contact its users privately or promote treatments.

Does it belong to an institution?

No, the website and everything on it was built and created by a single person who suffers from anxiety and does not belong to any medical or other institution, ie it is a personal website.

Wen was created?

It was created in 2023 in order to provide easier and more uncomplicated access to a community that has existed since 2010 at and
In fact, since 2010 it has been promoting the education of the disorder, it just changed its name.

Does it provide medical help?

No, this website is supported by a community that suffers from anxiety disorders or depression.
What you find here on the website will never replace a professional medical opinion.

Privacy Policy

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