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How do I know if I have depression

We've all felt low and unmotivated. Most of the time it's normal, it's just a passing thing that ends up dissipating after some time.
But sometimes it's not like that.
Everyone feels depression differently, which is sometimes difficult to identify.
It is not known for sure what causes depression, but there are good theories and indicators.
One is physical changes in the brain, or changes in how neurotransmitters communicate with each other.
Hormonal changes and even genetics play a role, it is possible for someone to develop depression if there are cases in the family.

Symptoms of depression

I'm going to talk about the common symptoms of depression but be aware that they alone do not indicate that you have depression.
Bad mood or continuous sadness.
Feeling hopeless and helpless.
Having low self-esteem.
Feeling tearful.
Feeling guilty.
Feeling irritable and intolerant of others.
Having no motivation or interest in things.
Finding it difficult to make decisions.
Getting no pleasure out of life by feeling anxious or worried.
Having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming yourself.


It doesn't mean that you have a clinical depression even though you have all these symptoms, by the eyes of someone not clinical!
What I'm going to tell you is something that in my unprofessional opinion should be a high indicator that you may be suffering from depression.
If you present these symptoms for more than twenty days that I am going to tell you, you are certainly going through a depressive episode.
Hopeless in life with feelings of isolation and loneliness - It is one of the biggest indicators reported by people who are depressed.
Loss of interest in life or actions - It is a symptom reported by about 90% of depressive people.
Increased fatigue and sleep problems - This happens because depression creates a huge lack of energy.
These are the main alerts you should take into account, it should also be said that anxiety and depression often go together.

Depression test

With more than two and a half million tests done, you can also take this test online in video form.
All you need is something to write, a piece of paper and be sincere in your answers.
Please note that this test serves as an indicator and does not exempt a professional medical assessment.
Sorry, it´s in portuguese