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palpitations and anxiety

Link between heart palpitations and anxiety

If one day you feel an anxiety attack or a panic attack in your body, you will realize that the heart is the organ that will worry you the most.
It will be fast-paced, throbbing and sometimes it even feels like it skips a beat.
In this article you will understand why.
If you haven't read this article, which I advise you to read, you'll realize that a response called fight and flight is the trigger.
This fight or flight will alert the autonomic nervous system works autonomously.

Autonomic nervous system

During a crisis this system regulates various body functions from breathing, digestion or heart rate.
Whatever the situation, as long as "fight and flight" is activated, symptoms such as palpitations will appear, but not only, it can include tense muscles, accelerated breathing, tremors, etc.

And are they dangerous?

I tell you, yes they are scary and alarming but in general they do not pose any threat and end up passing.
Of course, a more serious problem such as arrhythmia cannot be ruled out, which should be investigated, especially if they are accompanied by severe chest pain, dizziness and breathing difficulties.

Are they common?

Yes. For whom this type of disorders is very common.
If they persist for a long time or frequently, talk to your doctor.

Diagnosis and testing

It is common on a first visit for your doctor to recommend simple tests to rule out another type of problem.
It is also normal to be asked about your lifestyle, whether you are on medication, whether you drink coffee or alcohol, etc.
Tests such as x-ray, echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, stress test and Holter monitoring are the exams that you will possibly do.
Diagnosis and testing

Can I control these palpitations?

Yes and no.
There are several techniques that can help you, such as diaphragmatic breathing, regular physical exercise or even meditation.
Immediately chewing a gum and exhaling\inhaling deeply helps.
But I assure you, if the crisis is severe there is nothing that will work except a generous dose of xanax.

What did you find out?

  • Autonomic nervous system

    It is involuntarily activated and causes palpitations.
  • Don't put your life at risk

    Despite being frightening, they are nothing more than that.
  • When to visit a doctor

    If they occur frequently, it is worth the visit.
  • Techniques that you can apply

    Breathing, chewing something or listening to music makes the difference.